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Members, log in here to access the Clubhouse server for inter-club e-mail, flying statistics, accounts etc.

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Flying Orders Version 7.22

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Club Fees

Visit our Cross-Country Page for details of A and B Leagues and Cross-Country resources for members.

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Ground Training Initiative

BGA Website Updated  - 20/06/15

The BGA is carrying out a lot of work on its website at the moment.  The main URL is still but many of the old links within the website are no longer valid.  
The links on this page have been updated today, so they all now work. In addition, I have added a link to the main BGA Members’ Area in the bottom right margin of this page.
Please also note that a search for “Laws and Rules” on the BGA website will no longer work, as they are now called “Requirements and Guidance.”

BGA Aerotow Performance Safety Briefing - 08/01/16

The BGA has issued a new Safety Briefing on Aerotow Performance.  You can click to see a copy on the bottom right of this page, or use the link below it to go directly to the BGA website.

‘A’ and ‘B’ League Rules Updated  - 13/02/16

The ‘A’ and ‘B’ League rules have been modified and updated for the 2016 season.  The latest versions are now available for download or viewing on the Cross Country page of this website.

BGA Accident Review 2015 Safety Briefing - 09/03/16

The BGA has now issued its 2015 Accident Review.  You can click to see a copy on the bottom right of this page, or use the link below it to go directly to the BGA website.

BGA Safety Briefing - Field Landings- 04/04/16

The BGA has now issued a Safety Review on the subject of Field Landings.  You can click to see a copy on the bottom right of this page, or use the link below it to go directly to the BGA website.

Flying Orders Updated  - 08/12/16

Due to some recent changes, the latest version of the Flying Orders is now 7.21 and can be found in the right hand margin of this page.

Duty Rosters

Duty Roster Feb - Mar

Cross Country Page Updated  - 24/05/16

There have been some major changes to the Cross-Country page in time for the start of the Cross-Country Season at Chipping.  Click on the menu link above to get all the latest information.

New Duty Roster January to March - 26/01/17

The Duty Roster on the left has now been updated to show duties for January, February and March 2017.  Please make a note of your duty dates and ensure that you turn up, or organise cover if unable to be there.  The club depends on you all to do your bit.

Soaring Protocol - New BGA Publication 02/02/17

The BGA publishes occasional articles and booklets when it perceives a need to ensure the future safety of glider pilots.  Their latest publication is called “Soaring Protocol” and should be carefully read and noted by all members.  You will find the link in the margin on the right of this page.

 New Safety Page -  26/02/17

With the help of our CSO (Club Safety Officer) Richard Peake, we have added a new “Safety Page” to the Club’s website.  It contains essential reading and will be regularly updated, so go and have a look at it now and keep your eye on it!

P1080688b.jpg P1090443b.jpg

Duty Roster Update -  04/08/17

The New Duty Roster on the left has now been updated to show duties from September to November 2017.  Please make sure you know when you are on duty and organise a swap if you are unable to attend.


Dates for your Diary

Ground Training Explanation.pdf GroundOps2b.ppsx

Introduction to the Initiative

Please Read!

Ground Training Initiative -  15/08/17

BFGC has now published a new Ground Training Initiative, which will hopefully support new members in what they must do to safely and effectively help at the launch point and around the club.  It is most important that all members familiarise themselves with the details of this initiative, so that they can operate safely themselves and give coherent training to new members.  Please read the documents on the right.

New! New!

New Duty Roster April - May

Bowland Forest Gliding Club Duty Roster.pdf Instructor ANNUAL Return17-18.xls

Annual Return

New! Updated!

Flying Orders Update -  30/01/18

Please note that the CFI has updated the club’s Flying Orders.  The current issue is now version 7.22 and a copy has been posted on the right.  Please read it carefully.

Duty Roster 0405.pdf New!